Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Studies have shown that almost 95% of users interact with an option on the first page of Google. And, over 65% of all clicks happen on the first 5 listings.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a blanket term used to cover a variety of techniques used to increase your websites organic (non-paid ad) visibility on search engines like Google (about 90% of all US searches) and Bing (about 6.5% of all US searches). SEO is a results-based marketing strategy, as such, a successful SEO campaign needs to be well defined and monitored to measure effectiveness. The goal of any SEO campaign is to have a company’s website (or listing) show up as dominantly as possible when their potential client performs a relevant search for their goods or services.

Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithm (they seriously change things over a thousand times per year) is always trying to deliver the best, most relevant, search result to their end user. This means that your SEO campaign needs to be adaptable, consistently monitored and worked on. SEO is never a onetime project. As a marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization, it is our job to make sure that Google (and Bing) thinks your website is more relevant than your competition’s site for the keywords and locations that will bring you visitors that ultimately convert into revenue.

If you have a website, and you do not have an SEO strategy, you may be simply giving your competition the opportunity to capture new leads before you are even considered as an option.

What can you expect from our SEO services?

  • Monthly rank tracking reports for mobile, geo modified & geo targeted searches
  • Listing management
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Backlink generation
  • Backlink monitoring and disavowing
  • Rich data incorporation
  • Search console management
  • Analytics management
  • Webmaster tools management
  • Tag manager management
  • Bing/Yahoo verification
  • Index management
  • Google My Business management
  • Google My Business monthly posts
  • Google My Business photo posts
  • Website code verification
  • Website responsive verification

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