E-Commerce Website Design

Increased conversions, sales, and ROI through better design.

MI Digital Solution specializes in a conversion-based E-commerce web design which means increased sales and ROI for you online store front. We design easy-to-navigate, conversion-oriented sites, that seamlessly integrate leading E-commerce tools and platforms. We know first impressions matter so we design stunning websites that will not only wow your customers but leave a lasting impression. Our platform of choice is a WordPress backbone and WooCommerce shopping integrations. We know you will love the level of customization possible with a non-templated design, allowing you to put your best foot forward at every click. For more details on our web design philosophies click here.

We offer two ways to pay for your new website.


The website lease is by far our most popular option. Included in your low monthly rate is the design, hosting, maintenance, and updates to your website. You will retain complete ownership of your domain and any content provided including images. After your first year of service, we include the option for a complete website redesign at no additional charge. This becomes available again each year after that. This means your website will always stay fresh and modern. If for any reason you need to terminate services with us, a buyout option will be made available to take your website with you.


Paying for a website outright is the most common method in industry. We take half of the purchase price up front and then other half when the site is launch ready. Once your new website design is complete, we will transfer the site to a host of your choosing, make sure its functioning as expected, and provide you with a digital backup of everything. Buying a website outright does not include any hosting, maintenance, or updates to your website, however, these services are available through us at an affordable monthly rate.

Show the world.

Much like a resume, you’ll want to get your new website in front of as many potential clients as possible. While there are many forms of digital marketing and website promotion, the two most common are Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process of making your website show up above your competition on major search engine results pages when a person searches for what you do in a geographic area. It is an ongoing process that takes time to grow and can yield limitless results. There is no individual cost per lead or click, there is just a fixed monthly rate for optimization services.

Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, most commonly Google Ads, places text-based ads using competitive bids on major search engines. Campaigns can be set up and launched quickly, there are few limitations on when, where, or for what you can advertise for. The major limitation for PPC is budget. Each time your ad is clicked, money is charged. Proper management of a Pay Per Click advertising campaign is crucial to its performance. As a Google Partner, we are experts at managing highly profitable Pay Per Click campaigns.?

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