Digital Media Buying

The average person is exposed to 1,700 banner ads per month, but only sees half of them. Do you have a strategy to stand out?

If you are like most users on the web, you’ve seen online advertisements just about everywhere. Virtually all high traffic, high visibility web properties offer ad space that your business can take advantage of. In short, Digital Media Buying is the process of purchasing placements for advertisements on websites, apps and other digital platforms.

We look at all available advertising vehicles to find the best fit for your audience, including mobile, video, social, native, and display ads. We’ll help you analyze your ideal market, identify the best ways to use existing targeting technology to optimize your campaigns, and closely analyze your initial campaigns to identify the best tactics for reaching your desired audience and consistently improving your company’s online advertising strategy

There are two common ways we conduct media buying.

Direct Ad Buys:

Many popular web properties, apps, and media services only sell ad space direct. This means that your ad will only appear on their unique service and they are not participating in a greater ad network.?

Examples include:

  • Facebook / Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • And more

Each of these properties attracts unique visitors, allows for specific creative content, and has their own set of targeting demographics. Our experienced marketing specialists are ready to help you navigate the nuances of each platform and help you select a platform that will yield the highest return on ad spend.

Ad Networks:

The two largest ad networks are Google’s AdSense and Yahoo/Bing’s Ad space visibility is commonly sold in impressions as sold by Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) and can appear on thousands of website sites like CNN, your local news site, or an industry blog. MI Digital Solution leverages data research, proprietary technology, and proven targeting tactics for finding your best customers. We can even use remarketing to target recent visitors to your website and follow them with ads!

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