Content Creation

Aligning creativity and strategy.

The production of engaging, practical, and informative content is paramount to any brand, especially on the web. Success is not an accident. MI Digital Solution offers are wide array of content creation services tailored to meet small business needs. Our goal is to take this task off your plate so you can stick to doing what you do best. If you have already put the time in to create content and you just need it refreshed and updated, we can help. If you are just starting your business, you might have almost nothing. Our team can help you develop a brand guide that will serve you for years to come. Our most popular content creation services can be broken down into three main categories.

Copy Writing

We expertly craft website page content and blog articles to bring your business to life while giving your customers the user experience they deserve. For many industries we can have fresh, unique content written just for your organization with minimal input for you or your team. For more niche industries and services, we can conduct a series of interviews with you or your team ensuring all information in accurate and tailored perfectly to your organization.

Graphic Design

Need something for your social media page? No problem. How about some changes to your logo? We have got you covered. Our in-house graphics design team can handle most projects that any small business might need. We subscribe to multiple stock imagery and graphic design template sites to provide inspiration, a starting off point, and to deliver fast results.

Video Production

We have teamed up with several local video production companies to provide professional, high resolution, video content. Videos are an amazing way to engage with customers, share your story, or explain what makes doing business with you the best choice. We offer packages that range from one-off productions to reoccurring shoots. Our team will help develop a script, home in your message, and provide you with amazing content you will love to share with the world.

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