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Advanced Verification AdWords Help Troy MI

How can MI Digital Solution help you?

Our team will walk you through the verification process, step by step. The only information you will need to provide is the verification requirements; we will handle the rest! Our team will navigate the application and confirmation processes, so you don’t have to. We can assure your business will get verified or you'll get your money back, guaranteed!

  • Verifying you have all of the documents Google will ask for.
  • Making sure your website follows Google's strict guidelines for advertising.
  • Submitting your advanced verification paper work.
  • Scheduling your video call with Google
  • Training you on the types of questions Google will ask.
  • Assisting in any corrections that Google requires.
  • Ensuring a successful launch of your AdWords campaign.

What is advanced verification?

Google's advanced verification process is their way of combating fraudulent and abusive advertising on their platform. Currently there are two restricted keyword groups for AdWords in the Unite States:

  • Garage door services
  • Locksmith services

For Local Service only, the following headings require advanced verification:

  • Moving services
  • Air duct cleaning

Your AdWords or Local Services campaigns will not be able to run until you complete the advanced verification process.

Learn more about Google's Advanced Verification process:

"Google wants to make sure that local business ads are relevant and useful. Unfortunately, we’ve identified a number of fraudulent advertisers who use false identities on Google. To help reduce fraud and improve the overall experience for you and your customers, we’re asking advertisers who promote services in certain locations to complete advanced verification" - Read More From Google

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